What is an Artificial Hymen?

What is an Artificial Hymen

The Artificial Hymen is designed to simulate the loss of blood when losing your virginity, as the name suggests, it creates a fake hymen. It is an artificial membrane created by means of a product made for this purpose called 'Artificial Hymen'. The two most known brands are 'Joan of Arc Red' and 'Virginia Care'.

'Joan of Arc Red' and 'Virginia Care' Artificial Hymen

It consists of a small pouch, made of water soluble cellulose, containing a red powder made up of harmless natural albumin, for the 'Joan of Arc Red' artificial hymen or carmine, a natural pigment of a deep-red color powder, for the 'Virginia Care' artificial hymen.

Under the effect of heat and humidity the cellulose pouch will dissolve by itself and create a synthetic membrane thus simulating an intact hymen.

During sexual intercourse the fake membrane created by the Artificial Hymen will break and drops of a red liquid, very similar to human blood, will ooze from the vagina and spread and stain the sheets, thus simulating the breakdown of the hymen.

Artificial Hymen Pills

There are also pills, called 'Artificial Hymen Pills' that will dissolve into the vagina and create an artificial membrane simulating also a fake hymen.

Why use an artificial hymen?

Since Hymens can be broken via strenuous exercise, activities requiring extreme flexibility, sexual intercourse or even because of tampon use, many women are concerned about restoring their virginity.

Sometimes for cultural or other personal reasons, like an upcoming marriage, women opt for an hymen reconstruction surgery, to get a more intact, tighter hymenal ring and experience vaginal bleeding and pain with their "first" sexual intercourse.

Hymen surgery, hymen repair, hymen reconstruction or revirgination are all terms that refer to the hymen reconstruction surgery called 'Hymenoplasty' to restore the hymen.

While Hymenoplasty requires admission to a clinic and is very expensive, the artificial hymen provides a much cheaper, easier and convenient solution to become a virgin again!

Artificial Hymen Options

Artificial Hymen


The artificial hymen kit contains 2 artificial hymen pills, 4 Aabab vaginal tightening tablets, 1 Everteen natural intimate hygiene wipe, 1 pair of medical grade latex gloves and 1 thermometer.

Artificial Hymen


Artificial Hymen Pills have been designed to fake virginity by creating a fake membrane that acts as a real human hymen. This artificial hymen is designed to simulate the loss of blood that occurs when losing your virginity.

Artificial Hymen


Artificial Hymen Joan of Arc is made in Japan with medical grade Red Dye Liquid on the translucent membrane which gives a very similar effect as real human blood

Artificial Hymen


Virginia Care Artificial Hymen is made in Germany with carmine, a natural pigment of a deep-red color powder, inserted between two sterile translucent cellulose membranes, giving a very realistic fake human blood.

Artificial Hymen